Lacre | Practical information
LACRE (Latin American Conference on Residency Education) puede ser considerado como un foro para las Américas, orientado a quienes estén involucrados en el proceso de formación de residentes. El objetivo principal es ofrecer un espacio para compartir ideas, desafíos, innovaciones y experiencias en entrenamiento avanzado. El LACRE está dirigido a todos los interesados en los procesos de enseñanza, aprendizaje y evaluación de residentes en Latinoamérica.
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Practical information

Official languages

The official language of the conference is Spanish and English. For the plenary lectures we will have simultaneous translation system.

Personal Insurance

We recommend all foreign participants before traveling, purchase a personal insurance policy for travel and health.


Fall season. The climate of Santiago in the month of May is mild with cold nights and some rainy days. Average daytime temperature of 19 ° C.


Clothing is business casual for all occasions. Semi-casual clothing for the Gala Dinner.

Letter of Invitation

Participants requiring a formal letter of invitation that allows them to make their preparations to participate in the Congress can receive via email, for which they have to write to Please note that this letter can not be considered as an obligation for programming or financial support from the organizers.

Organising Official Company

Zentidos Consultoría y Gestión de Eventos