Lacre | Guidelines for ePoster
LACRE (Latin American Conference on Residency Education) puede ser considerado como un foro para las Américas, orientado a quienes estén involucrados en el proceso de formación de residentes. El objetivo principal es ofrecer un espacio para compartir ideas, desafíos, innovaciones y experiencias en entrenamiento avanzado. El LACRE está dirigido a todos los interesados en los procesos de enseñanza, aprendizaje y evaluación de residentes en Latinoamérica.
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Presentation accepted (electronic file)

Guidelines for ePoster

  • Please check the list of accepted ePoster papers presentation where the session / day and time of presentation are indicated. The presenter must be next to his or her eposter in the assigned Smart TV or Screen according appointed day and time.
  • Please register to the Conference. If you have any problem with your registration process, please do not hesitate to contact us to

Poster objective: To attract the attention of the audience and to facilitate the discussion regarding the presented paper.

Features of your ePoster for display:


  • Size: The screen for eposter, is an electronic file in high resolution in JPG format, which can be prepared in vertical power point size 1920 x 1080 pixels or with a design program (AI, InDesign or Photoshop)

Remember that the screens have a vertical orientation

You can upload your electronic file with the coordinator in the sector where the screens are to prove their correct visualization. The file must be uploaded 3 hours before its presentation.

You can also load the JPG file in high resolution beforehand:


  • Go to:
  • User: use the same username and password that you used in eAbstract, if you do not remember it, recover the password
  • In the main menu enter “Your accepted abstracts”
  • Select the accepted abstract for poster and click on   to upload the file

  • Format: The eposter presentations must be made in electronic file and according to the dimensions of the screen previously described.
  • Must include:
    • Title and all authors and institutions at the top of the eposter
    • Short introduction, purpose, methods, results, conclusions and summary presented in a logical and clear sequence
    • Explanation of the graphs, figures and tables
  • Font size:
    • Title: 30 (Font size)
    • Authors and Institutions: 25 (font size)
    • Text (paragraph) in single spacing: 20 (Font size)
    • The text of the entire poster must be legible at one meter of distance
    • Be careful with the use of colors because some people have difficulty distinguishing green from red and other colors do not present an adequate contrast between the text and the background of the poster.
  • All eposters, will be candidate to receive the prize to the best LACRE scientific work and best poster. ePoster presentation will be evaluated according to their content (introduction, objective / purpose, description of methods, results and conclusions) and the presentation, format and visual tools used.

Preparing your Poster Presentation:


  • Take a note of the ID number of your paper and the times for the set-up and removal of your eposter.
  • All eposters will be presented in the Hall at the convention center provided by the organizing committee.
  • You must be present at time according to your schedule in the conference program. You will have 5 minutes to present your poster and there will be 3 minutes to answer questions.